Sunday, May 29, 2011

{Juno's blessing dress}

You may remember a few months ago when Juno was blessed, I didn't have any nice pictures of her in her blessing dress. Jason's oh-so-talented aunt Margaret did some pictures of Juno in her dress before she went into her Spica cast, and here they are!

Juno was not super cooperative. My mom made the dress and it has two bows with long white ribbons on the bodice. It's an adorable dress and the bows are great toys for Juno. We couldn't get her to let go of them or keep them out of her mouth!

I love this picture of me and the June!

These are the sweet booties that my good friend J'Nette made for Juno's blessing. Alas, she could not wear them because she was in a Pavlik harness that covered her feet. So I had to have some shots of them peeking out from under her dress in our break between Pavlik and Spica!

She has her Grandpa Canyon's smile :)


Margaret said...

Cute! I just posted some of these on my blog, too!

Jen said...

beautiful pictures. that one of the two of you is so precious!

Carly said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful dress! Love those little booties too!

Lisa said...

Love that picture of you and Juno. What a beautiful pair!

Staceroo said...

She's beautiful - love the pics!

I'm giving you a blog award because I read all of your posts and really love them! Head over to my blog to pick it up later today!