Friday, February 24, 2012

Missionary I-Spy

Jason's little brother is on his mission in Panama. He's been out for 8 months and we haven't sent him anything since he was in the MTC... whoops. Sorry, Austin.
Well, his birthday is coming up, so we thought we better put a package together for him. The girls all colored pictures and dictated letters to us and we filled an envelope with some of his favorite treats. I wanted to add one or two other things, so we made a mini tie keychain from an old issue of The Friend and then we made a special missionary I-Spy picture.
I gathered as many "missionary" things I could find from around the house and Tempe and Helena helped me fill in the gaps--hence the mini teapot and Rock the Vote button. We took a picture, printed it out, and I wrote a little riddle to go with it!

I spy Panama, a keychain tie and a key, too; three oil vials, A for Austin and We love you!

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RATCH said...

This is a super cute idea and the theme posibilities are endless!