Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Found-wood window shade

So here in Utah we are having a major spring heat wave--it's been in the mid 80s for the past few days. Blerg. That's really, really not typical April weather for Utah and I HATE IT. It's 84 degrees in my house but I am not going to give in and turn on my A/C in April. Absolutely not. Our 25-year-old A/C only has a limited number of working hours left and I am not going to waste any of them on an April heat wave.
Anyway, our April heat wave made it painfully apparent that we needed to do something about the half-moon window in our living room. It's a west facing window (afternoon sun) and there wasn't a shade in it and it let SO MUCH sun/heat into the room. At first I was going to bite the bullet and buy a huge half-moon shade, but then inspiration struck.
 My next door neighbor lost her whole wood fence in our big windstorm a few months ago. She very generously told me I could have as much of it as I wanted, so I took a whole section right after the storm for one of my bedroom projects. But when I had this idea, I rushed over and grabbed another big section.
My dad just bought me a jigsaw (which I have wanted for a while!) My half moon window has a radius of 23 inches, so I just sketched a half circle with a radius of 22 inches, with the main support beam right through the middle. Then I cut it out with my jigsaw and stuck it up in the window. DONE.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out because a) it was completely free and b) I think it looks way more awesome than a traditional shade. What do you think?
Oh and does anyone have any great heat management techniques to share???


Jen said...

i LOVE it!!!

Christina said...

It's perfect, I love how it turned out!

Christina said...
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Nina Tank said...

Living in Texas (we have been in the mid 90's this week) I have had to come up with some creative ideas as well. Have you thought of frosting your windows? It might seem 80's but there are tons of brands that can easily come off and come in some really cool etched designs as well. I didn't think this would REALLY help, but it truly did! Keep your ceiling fans on at all times, even if they have to be on low. Turn all your lights off if you can (that puts out a lot of heat really!) and we also have screen protectors on our windows that keep out a lot of sun. I LOVE what you made, so creative!

Stephens Family said...

Kate, you're just awesome.

Jamie said...

Good idea AND I love the globe collection:) We try really hard to open up the house at night and shut all windows and blinds in the morning before it heats up again. I never turn on the AC until its well into the 90s and its not bad, thx to ceiling fans and night air.

Rachel said...

LOVE it! So creative & looks GREAT!