Monday, April 23, 2012

two new projects!! (coming soon)

March was a bad blogging month for me.
Eh, blogging is cyclical.
Because I do have two new projects to share with you, hopefully later this week, although our current computer situation makes blogging with pictures kind of tough.
(Don't know about our computer sitch? Well, we currently have three computers, none of which are fully functioning. We have one that takes about 25 minutes to boot up and then turns off if you even breathe on it wrong. Our second computer functions great EXCEPT for the screen, which must be held in a very awkward position to be able to see anything. I usually use a Mac that my awesome brother passed down to me, and it works really well, except I can't get pictures to upload to it. So to put pictures on my blog, I have to upload them to my stupid screen computer instead and put them on my blog from there. Phew)
All right, on to my projects.
One of them is the bedroom makeover that I've been working on for four months (read about it here and here. Finally done!! Pretty happy with the results.
The other project is something I came up with just this morning and managed to whip out after dinner. I think I'm even more excited about this one!
So stay tuned :)

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